So, about time…

Looking at my first post

   What was that?  I was writing something?

Looking at my first post

   Huh?  Again?  Ok, so I’ve been a bit distracted lately.  Busy, too.  HOWEVER!  I have found a new thing, and I love it.

    Each one of those “Looking…” was written a few weeks apart from each other after the loooooooong break from my first post.

Looking at my first post

   Oh look, another week or two has gone by.  Well this is getting posted before the year turns over…Maybe.

   In any case, I mentioned a thing, and that thing is lampworking.  There are a few things that I got hooked onto the instant I found out I could be involved with it.  Reading was one of the first things, I believe.  Or maybe not so much reading as learning, learning about the world, ideas, concepts, alternate realities and people who existed and never existed, creatures that are and those that exist only in the mind.  Reading is a fast method of absorbing that information and so it became a part of me.  I’m sure I pissed off my parents an untold number of times with reading at the table, then sneaking looks at the book between bites.

   Horses are another early fixture in my life.  Not that I could get one, oh no, but they took up a huge amount of mental real estate.  Obsession is a mild word for the horse fever that I had, and when I finally started riding lessons as a young teen I only became more entrenched.  The realities of cleaning up a stall and a sweaty animal did nothing to blunt the desire to even just be near them.  Sadly I fell away from horses for many years, mostly due to lack of funds, transportation, and time.  This year changed that, in that I started taking lessons again and am working through the primal fear of falling and hurting myself again.  (I had a couple of really bad falls, one of which was due to a broken stirrup and another had nothing to do with horses but ended up with my first broken bone and it was an ugly break.  I was never a fan of falling to begin with and that gave my tiny hind brain a solid reason to start screaming any time the potential for a fall comes up)  I still love horses and I gain a deep peace after spending a day with them that I can’t attain any other way.

   There’s a few other things that strike that chord in me, and the latest one I discovered late this summer, and that is lampworking.  Fire and molten glass, wound around clay coated metal.  Mash it, roll it, reheat it into a round shape, use gravity to swirl the surface around, make bizarre shapes with a riot of colors and watch how they meld together into a smooth whole.

   It was at a weekly SCA meeting for my local group.  I knew that a few members did lampworking, and had seen some of their work.  It of course looked amazing, but it didn’t click with me right away as something I could do.  Then one of the meetings took place at a park that was right next to the garage where the lampworking setup was.  Routinely someone would peel off from the group, go off to the garage, and come back in a little while.  At one point the people who owned the gear told me I should give it a shot.  I was skeptical, I had to leave in a short time…”Oh, that’s plenty of time to make just one bead!”


As you can see, it’s a bit of a mess.  The edge is lopsided and sharp looking, it has two bubbles in it that I had no idea I had even put in there (putting them in on purpose came later)  but there’s some promise, it’s a nice rounded shape and isn’t a complete wreck, and it didn’t crack!  That was the beginning of my latest…

  What’s a good word for “I can’t live a happy life without this thing?  Obsession seems too shallow a word.


You might be wondering why I’ve brought you all here…

Especially since I haven’t brought anyone here, not yet anyway.  Right now this is a place for me to fling things up that won’t just be bumped off the front page in a day, or mysteriously disappear (well barring fun wordpress mishaps anyway), or easily slip away from my consciousness.  That’s the idea, anyway.

Which is what this blog should be about for the most part, ideas.  Reading Pale Rook: How I Became a Doll Artist made me realize that I’ve been more than a little passive with my art, although that has been changing up recently with leathercrafting.  Part of that was a major life change, part of it was learning to work with a new medium, but mostly it was me allowing life to get in the way.

It’s just so easy to be “too busy”, but I don’t really like being so busy I can’t keep myself sorted out.  I dislike feeling like I’m being rushed, like there’s simply not enough time to sit outside and watch my chickens scratch around.  I like being able to feel like I have the time to mess around with bead placement on a bracelet for however long it takes, even if in the end I end up scrapping it and going with something completely different.  Maybe the fiddling comes out in another project, or maybe it just ends up being a lesson in “don’t do that, it sucks”.

In any case, I’m hoping to work more at being creative, and I’ll be posting some of the things I make and think here.  To start off, here’s an ATC (Artist Trading Card) of one of my hens I sketched out.  She’s an Easter Egger “mutt” chicken.  She doesn’t lay proper blue eggs, she’s the lowest in the pecking order, she’s flighty and nervous.  She also lays huge porcelain colored eggs, is a beautiful mahogony with black specks color and a black fluffy face, and just wants to do her own thing.  Funny how much personality chickens have.